Line of Business - Finance

All our financial consultants are characterized by their strong professional expertise and their result-oriented approach. Excellent technical competences regarding implementation, especially in SAP, are part of our employees’ set of tools. This enables us to oversee the entire value chain from the individual ERP transaction through to the financial process and the strategic fit.

Our business is the implementation of complex and international projects in these areas of consulting, with special emphasis laid on process optimization. A steady, responsible review guarantees the achievement of our project objectives.

In addition to consulting services, we offer innovative and cost-saving SAP product solutions, such as our conovum TAX solution, which enables insurance and financial services companies to fully utilize their deductible input tax rate. conovum Inventory Tariff Calculation is our solution for efficient inventory pricing.




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conovum Consulting Finance

  • Accounting

    Achieving the best-in-class best practice solution is our primary goal. This is how we achieve the optimum company-specific processes and adaptation of standard software, always focusing on the scalability and agility of the solution with regards to future requirements.
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  • Controlling

    We develop targeted and pragmatic controlling systems that enable transparent and reliable control of companies or company units.
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  • Compliance

    The goal of our customers is an integrated compliance management (ICM) that effectively fulfills all the relevant accounting laws, guidelines and voluntary codes of conduct in companies.
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  • Z4 Reporting

    We advise you on interpretation of the Z4 Annex to the German Foreign Trade and Payments Act (AWV) to perform the Annex completely correctly. Our Z4 solutions enable an automated process to fill the transaction data with all the necessary information. The creation of the Z4 Annex is smooth and can withstand any revision.
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conovum Products & Solutions Finance

  • conovum TAX

    For financial service providers like insurance companies or banks non-deductible input tax is still a large cost block. The input-tax rate to be applied can usually only be estimated on the basis of the existing cost allocation. Due to conovum TAX, your input tax rate can be exactly calculated without adapting the existing allocation structure.
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  • conovum ITC

    Currently, there is no way of determining tariffs based on different accounting rules (for example, IFRS / local commercial laws like HGB) for inventory valuation in SAP. With the support of conovum Inventory Tariff Calculation (ITC) tariffs can be calculated in SAP according to different accounting rules.
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conovum Highlights Finance

Conversion to a Completely New Financial Data Model

The central SAP R / 3 system of an automobile group was converted to a new financial data model (chart of accounts with additional account assignments) by means of conversion. As a result, the harmonization of controlling with financial accounting and the BCS was achieved.

Introduction of Completely Balanced Profitability Analysis

Profit center accounting as well as the accounting and calculable results analysis have been used to redesign the management reporting in SAP. All profit and loss accounts are 100% compatible up to the EBIT. Efficient corporate controlling is possible down to individual product groups.

Conception and Implementation of Master Data Management

The global SAP template has been extended by master data management (SAP MDM). The master data was globally approved and managed by means of a workflow. The developed SLAs and the global master data policy define the holistic and efficient process.