Credit Card Clearing

Credit card clearing describes the clearing at which the receipts paid by the company are posted to a clearing account in accounting. The monthly credit card statement in the accounts payable account is also posted against this clearing account, which can be cleared as a result. To enable this, AirPlus provides particular files with the necessary data granularity, which correspond to the monthly invoices and can be booked directly into the system.

  • Cost Transparency
    Through the introduction of credit card clearing, you can enhance cost transparency: the services directly paid by the company are accounted for in the travel costs controlling.

  • Control
    In addition, you will gain control through the introduction of credit card clearing, since expenses incurred by the employee and paid directly by the company are recorded in SAP FI for audit-proof purposes.

  • Input Aid for Employees
    Credit card clearing provides employees with an efficient input aid for expenses, facilitating the compilation of travel expense reports.