For the first time, travel management is using a tool that evaluates the total CO2 emissions of a trip and takes all means of travel (flight, train, bus, taxi, etc.) into account. The CO2Companion can be used as an instrument of control for the booking of sustainable travel modes and for CO2 compensation within the framework of high-quality climate protection projects.

With the CO2Companion a company can therefore transparently outline the CO2 emissions generated during a business trip and correctly display these in sustainability reports or life cycle assessments.

By taking a pioneering role in climate-aware travel management companies create the basis for a sustainable corporate policy and strengthen their competitiveness.

It provides a meaningful basis for the sustainable presentation of the company and its business partners.

The CO2Companion provides a comprehensive and highly integrated system solution for all companies that use SAP technology for their travel expenses, allowing for sustainable travel management across the entire process chain of business travel. It is easy to integrate into the existing SAP travel planning and expense reporting.

  • CO₂-Identification

    During the travel expense process the exact value of the CO2 emission of each individual trip can already be identified in the web application as well as the SAP backend due to the complete and valid data of the travel expense report, including all means of travel and context data.

  • CO₂-Reporting

    All data in the travel expense report are kept in SAP ERP and are available for comprehensive CO2-Reporting. Corresponding meaningful reports are available for the company’s internal travel management.

  • CO₂-Avoidance

    Based on bookings companies with an objective to avoid CO2 can receive meaningful analyzes with, e.g. the atmosfair airline reporting that compares CO2 emissions of different airlines on the most important flight routes of the company. Thus, companies can identify significant win-win potentials for cost and CO2 reduction.

  • CO₂-Compensation

    In order to enable rapid, simple and system-integrated compensation of the CO2 emissions, a compensation cockpit can be added. CO2 emissions can be fully or partly compensated through this program.