EU Registration: Integration and Process Management

Challenges EU Registration

Workers sent to carry out work or provide services in another EU/EEA country generally have to be registered in order to ensure equal treatment compared to local employees with respect to social and judicial standards. The registration has to be completed before the business trip starts and the corresponding document has to be carried along by the traveler. Violation of these requirements can result in severe fees and, in the case of repeated infringement, a ban on the provision of services in the target country.

The EU registration has to be completed electronically via the corresponding specific (online) form. Due to varying national legislation, required personal and company data as well as regulations and deadlines may differ on several points.

System Integration EU Registration

Manual and unintegrated processing of business travel compliance generally is slow-going, error-prone, and often incomplete. Proper automation of compliance scenarios is the only way to forgo these drawbacks and guarantee a minimization of induced time and effort. The system managed EU registration of workers via our Travel Compliance Companion offers multiple advantages:

Solution: Travel Compliance Companion

The conovum Travel Compliance Companion (TCC) allows for a convenient management of all compliance-related aspects of a business trip abroad. In the case of EU Registrations, the process is started immediately after a travel request, booking of travel means or manual (possibly mobile) travel notification. As all relevant data is automatically passed on to the TCC, background checks directly determine whether trip duration and planned activity demand for a registration. Flawed or missing data needed for a successful process is requested from the traveler and can be entered within the TCC app. If necessary, the TCC offers the opportunity for an in-house or external service center to provide support and assistance.

The overall process is transparent for both traveler and service center alike and can be monitored easily. The registration document obtained is archived according to auditing requirements and made available to the traveler for download as well as via e-mail.

By default, the conovum Travel Compliance Companion (TCC) is set up as SAP add-on on the client’s SAP-HCM system, but can also be implemented into distributed system environments on any SAP system (on-premises).

The TCC serves as interface providing connections to both social security systems and national registration portals.

User interfaces are based on SAP UI5 and can be integrated via SAP Fiori Launchpad or alternative portals. The TCC is also available on mobile devices.

Further Information Available for Download

For further information regarding the automation of EU Registrations please also see our solution sheet. For more detailed questions please do not hesitate to contact Carsten Hoymann via