UI5 Companion – The Innovative SAP Travel Management User Interface

UI5 Companion - The Innovative SAP Travel Management User Interface

The UI5 Companion is the new front-end product of conovum. It can be used for travel requests and approvals as well as reporting of travel and cash expenses. For this purpose, the modern user interface technology SAPUI5 is employed. The user interface (UI) technology is based on HTML5 and enables the UI5 Companion to be displayed on desktop computers and mobile devices, regardless of the type of platform or device being used. This allows the user to interact quickly and without complications with the system. The UI5 Companion takes the complete SAP FI-TV customization into account. Thus, the travel expense system is always up to date. You can download the UI5 ​​Companion solution sheet here.

  • UI5 Companion Travel Management Key-Features:

    • Travel Requests
    • Travel Expense Reports
    • Travel Arranger Function
    • Omni-Channel Receipt Handling

  • Various Reporting and Simulation Features

  • Completely Based on the SAP Standard UI Technology SAPUI5 / Fiori UX

  • Complete Adoption of SAP Customizing


Intuitive Travel Management Overview

User Friendly Acquisition of Travel Expenses

Additional Modules

The functionality of the UI5 Companion can be extended with several useful modules. The modules can be ordered optionally and modularly.

Cash Expenditures

The additional component Cash Expenditures allows you to create, change, copy and delete Cash Expenditures. You can select receipts via a drop-down menu, add comments and upload attachments.

Monthly Expense Report

The additional component Monthly Expense Report makes it possible to merge several single trips into one travel expense report. With this feature it is possible to manage and monitor trip- and expense information within a longer time frame. This adds particular value for frequent travellers.

ReceiptSnap App

The smartphone-optimised ReceiptSnap App can be used to take photos of receipts and upload them into the UI5 Companion. It gives the travellers the chance to capture and manage their receipts independent of their location, thus saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Approval App

The smartphone-optimised Approval App can be used to approve or refuse requests for trips, travel expenses and vacations. The list can be sorted by approvals or refusals, comments can be added to refusals and details of any given person can be displayed. Thus, mobile usability can fasten the approval process.


The UI5 Companion can be extended by the conovum CO2Companion. The CO2Companion enables a sustainable travel management over the course of the travel process and caters to all means of transport. It uses all of the information of the travel expense report to calculate the CO2 emission of a business trip. Optionally, the emission can be compensated by supporting a compensation project. Further information about this can be found here.